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Dog House Quilts

Combining our love of sewing and quilting with our inability to drive past a fabric store without stopping we came up with the name Dog House Quilts. We are artisians not crafters. Dog House Quilts was started in the summer of 2007. We are located in Saegertown, PA. We are 8 miles north of Meadville, PA which is the home of Channellock Tools and the birthplace of the Zipper. We love creating Show Ribbon Items, doing longarm custom quilting and making custom sewing creations.

What We Do

  • Show Ribbon Items

    Browse our items that truly make your look “best in show!” Doghouse provides top of the line products to elevate any show.

  • Quilts/longarm Quilting Services

    Explore our many styles of quilts and find something that truly speaks to you. You can also employ our quilting services for a special project.

  • Kitchen Products

    Personalize your kitchen space with our variety of patterns, and accessories, from seasonal designs, to something truly unique.

  • Children/Seniors Products

    Provide your kids and elders with quilting products that are comforting, stylish and memorable.

  • Key Fobs

    Each and every key fob is meticulously detailed, and we have a wide range of options to bling out your keys.

  • Sensory/Tactile Products

    Peruse our tactile products to find the perfect pattern that you’ve been searching for!

Orders for Christmas must be received by Sept. 30, 2022


  • Custom Cozy Designs

    Express and discover yourself through our variety of patterns and products.

  • Fabric by the Yard

    Perfect for holidays and special occasions. Give a comforting gift that will be remembered.

  • Authentic Quilting

    Our products are the real deal, no cheap faux quilts or knock offs. Each item is custom and sewn with quality fabric.