All About Dog House Quilts, LLC™

Retirement … what to do?? I knew it would involve sewing and travel but how to combine the two??

That was in 2007, so I now consider this adventure my second “career”.

Traveling to vend at dog shows and slowly expanding the distance I could travel helped establish my products and the name Dog House Quilts, LLC before retirement. Traveling from Maine to Florida and west to Colorado I have the opportunity to see the country and meet wonderful people in all the areas of Dog Shows (conformation, agility, dock diving, nosework, lure coursing, drag racing, obedience, rally obedience).

Creating quilts using line drawings of the dogs has evolved over the years into a full color process which makes the dog photo part of the fabric. This process allows for the photos to be quilted without peeling or fading as happens on computer generated printed photos.

Showcasing different ways to use show ribbons has become our signature. Brag Bear™ and Distinguished Dog™ along with quilted wall hangings have taken over my life in a very big way. The great thing is they can be any kind of show ribbons…horse, dog, cat, 4-H, athletic.

Most recently, I have added Article bags to the Dog House Quilts family. The bags are in 3 sizes, 9 colors combinations and can be used for everything from obedience articles to athletic equipment.